AIAOC has three general members on the California Council. The current President, Vice President and immediately past President are automatically members of the California Council. Our Executive Director, Jeff Gill, FAIA is a Vice President (and former President) of the California Council and sits on the Council’s Executive Committee.

In addition, numerous members of our Chapter serve in elected executive positions on the 2016 California Council.

  • Jana Itzen, AIA – First Vice-President 2017 President-Elect) of the 2016 California Council.
  • Jeff Gill, FAIA – VP of
  • Benjamin Kasdan, AIA – VP of Emerging Professionals.
  • David Disman, AIA – Director of the Young Architects Forum in addition to his position a Director of Design for our Chapter.
  • Megan Dougherty, Assoc – the Regional Associate Director.
  • Brian Dougherty, FAIA – AIACC’s representative to Nation AIA’s Strategic Council.
  • Nathan Dea, Assoc AIA – Associate Director, South for the AIA California Council