On November 6, 2015 the California Council approved moving forward with opposing the additional requirements imposed on Architects by the pending resolution

Sponsor legislation to exempt design professionals from having to register with the Department of Industrial Relations.

A recent law requires contractors and sub-contractors to register with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) in order to be able to compete for public works projects. This registration is to help the DIR ensure the contractors and sub-contractors are complying with the prevailing wage requirements. The registration comes with an annual $300 fee.

This law is being applied to many professions that are not subject to prevailing wage requirements, including the architectural profession.

The DIR has issued a letter specifically exempting one profession from having to register and pay the fee, and arguably that letter exempts all professions that are not subject to the prevailing wage law. However, that letter is not widely known, and local governments are still requiring architects to register in order to be considered for work.

The AIACC and our engineering counterparts are trying to obtain a letter of exemption, but the
DIR has been slow to respond.  This proposal would authorize the AIACC to pursue a legislative attempt to exempt the architectural profession from the DIR registration requirement if we are unable to obtain a very clear letter from DIR stating design professions that are not subject to the prevailing wage laws are exempt from having to register.