Who says Architects Can’t Have Fun?!

The AIAOC Emerging Professionals Committee is creating a series of YouTube videos produced by AIAOC members and students at Orange Coast College in a ‘What’s in the Box’ skit.   Why?  Because design creativity is more than just buildings!  And, who says architects can’t have fun!

What’s in the Box #1- David Oh

What’s in the Box #2- Jana Itzen, AIA

What’s in the Box #3- Stay Tuned!

The AIAOC Emerging Professionals want to thank the following participants:

Samantha Polly – Game Show Host
Jenna Treister- Set, Props, Coordination
Jillian Mury- Set, Props, Coordination
Ileen Raposa- Audience Coordinator

AIA Orange County
Brett Dougherty – Gensler Host & 2017 AIAOC President
Salma Abdelghani – Director of Associates and Emerging Professionals

Jun Tang Photography
Jun Tang Filmmaker & Photographer

Architectural Participant

  • David Oh- Perkins + Will

Orange Coast College
Jose Lopez – Lead Architecture Student
Jersain Steven – Architecture Student

Interested in participating in future ‘What’s in the Box’ skits?  Contact AIAOC at info@aiaoc.org and type ‘sign me up for what’s in the box’