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Click Here for a list of additional study resources and books available for check out at AIA Orange County. Click Here for the recommended resources from NCARB.
4.0 Kaplan ARE study material, including flashcards, study guides, Q & A booklets are available, ARE Study Guides – 5.0 series by Brightwood is also available.
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  • A Black Spectacles Program- ARE 4.0 to 5.0 Exam Prep
    ARE 5.0 Project Planning & Design – PPD
    ** Will resume after the 1st of the year


  • CDS / PPP / SPD 10 Weeks Study + 4 Week Practice
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  • NCARB Feedback On Exams  

As the request of our members, AIAOC reached to NCARB to discuss how a candidate can receive guidance on failed vignettes.  While the response is provided below, members have stated it is best to review the YouTube video before paying the $100.  The video can be found at

NCARB offers a service called a score verification where an architect at NCARB reviews the candidate’s performance on both their multiple-choice and vignette sections of a division and provides that feedback to the candidate directly. It provides candidates better understanding of their performance:

  • For each multiple-choice section of a division, the review helps identify the greatest areas for improvement above and beyond the current level 1, 2 or 3 feedback already provided on the score report.
  • For each vignette that candidate had issues with, the review provides insights into the critical issues that caused the candidate to perform anything less than a level 1.

There is a $100 fee to have this manual verification done, but for some candidates it is certainly a much better option than continuing to pay a full exam fee “just to try again”. The other benefit of a score verification is that it is available to all ARE candidates regardless of which jurisdiction they are testing under. Score verifications are private between the candidate and NCARB and can not be shared through a third-party, therefore, candidates can contact NCARB Customer Service at 202/879-0520 to begin the review process if they so desire.

If the candidate does not want a score verification, we also have a YouTube Site Zoning video that describes this vignette (and common candidate errors) available free. I also hope the candidate is using the ARE 4.0 Google+ community to learn from other ARE candidates and have their questions addressed by the NCARB moderators.