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Women In Architecture

In October 2016, we launched “Women in Architecture” committee for AIA Orange County. WIA-AIAOC is an all inclusive committee for AIA, Associate AIA and Allied AIA women members.

What do women of AIAOC want?

Instead of basing our committee’s ideals and goals on the data driven by popular media surveys and articles, we convened together for a round table meeting at our launch and discussed what is most important for us in the committee. We touched on topics such as compensation gaps, and inherent stereotypes and gender roles observed during site visits, as well as the lack of women role models in education, and in practice.

However, throughout our discussion we had a common reference; we all wanted to use Women in Architecture to make a positive difference in AIA Orange County.

Following the guidelines of AIA Advocacy and AIA’s definition of a Citizen Architect, WiA-AIAOC has chosen the path of Citizen Architecture to empower women in architecture. WiA – AIAOC Citizen Architect will use her talents, training and experience to contribute meaningfully towards the improvement of professional conditions for women in architecture through leadership training, mentoring and networking, and create awareness in the community about what a woman architect does at work.

In order to reach our goal, we will organize events that promote networking and leadership, and represent our committee at other similar events. We are a diverse group of women ranging from successful and experienced women business owners to recent graduates, licensed architects to those studying for their first ARE. We are aiming to make a considerable and positive difference in the community as well as motivate women in architecture through our diverse backgrounds and experiences.

As we continue to grow, we will need more support from the members of AIA to be a successful committee.

Women of AIA – Join us.
Men of AIA – support us, and our events.
Together we can make a difference for all of us.

Thank you,
Meghana Joshi, Associate AIA
Chair, WiA-AIAOC

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