This proposal from the AIACC Legislative Committee was approved to move forward by the California Council on November 6, 2015

Sponsor legislation to alternate the 5-hour California mandatory continuing education requirement between accessibility and sustainability.  Existing law requires California architects to complete 5 hours of continuing education in accessibility in order to renew their license. Unless this law is changed, the 5 hour requirement in accessibility continuing education will remain in perpetuity.

Our advocacy survey questioned the Members on their view of mandatory continuing education (required for licensure). While the survey is not a scientific poll, the responses received were about evenly spit on the question of whether mandatory continuing education should be expanded beyond the existing accessibility requirement (roughly 52% in favor of expanding and 48% opposed).

The comments in the survey included many responses questioning, and even challenging the need for accessibility education every renewal cycle.  Comments in response to another question in the survey (what needs to be done to help the profession and its clients meet the upcoming Zero Net Energy requirements?) included several responses urging continuing education courses on how to meet the upcoming requirements.

Adding to the existing 5-hour accessibility requirement appears to be a non-starter.  Governor Brown has vetoed legislation creating new continuing education requirements, stating “the
whole idea of legally mandated continuing education is suspect in my mind.”  Thus this proposal.  It would not add to the existing requirement of 5 hours every renewal cycle. It would, however, alternate the content requirement of those 5 hours between accessibility and sustainability (more specifically, meeting the upcoming ZNE requirements).
For example, sustainability could be required for the 2017 renewal cycle, and accessibility for the 2019 cycle, and alternating between those two topics in future renewal cycles. This would address the concern raised by several Members that 5 hours of accessibility every renewal cycle is more than needed, address the concern raised by several Members that the profession could benefit from training to prepare for the ZNE requirements, and, hopefully, not rise to the level of a veto because it does not add hours to the requirement and, importantly, adds a continuing education subject important to this governor.