This blog is intended to be similar to National’s knowledge bases where people can ask questions and anyone who feels they can help responds with ideas on what to do.  We expect to see questions ranging from the mundane to code question.  Here are two taken from AIA National’s knowledge base:

  • Does anybody know a source for an underlayment product that can feather to 1/16″ and is suitable for going over a plywood floor surface?
  • The local FM is requiring a 3 foot thick radiation door to a radiation treatment room in a hospital to have a label.  Has anyone had to do this before?

In both cases other architects offered solutions that solved the problems.  If you have not been participating with National’s Knowledge Base, we recommend you check it out.  It is a great way to learn about problems that other people are dealing with so you can proactively avoid the yourself.  We hope this blog turns into something similar just on a local basis.