COTE-Irvine Ranch Water Recycling Plant
Tour & Presentation

September 8, 2016

Members of AIA Orange County met on September 8, 2016 for an inspiring 2-hour tour and discussion about cutting edge sustainable design in water conservation, and about the importance of water conservation in both landscape and building design. Cheryl Kelly, a Public Affairs Specialist from the Irvine Ranch Water District, met our group at the Michelson Water Recycling Plant (MWRP) to lead us through all the facts on the IRWD’s ground breaking recycling programs. Cheryl is an awesome tour guide – she knows everything about water!

The Irvine Ranch Water District has been proactive in determining and planning for the water needs of the future, for both potable water and recycled water. The MWRP was planned for the tertiary treatment of wastewater, resulting in high quality recycled water that is used for landscape and agricultural irrigation, as well as for commercial and industrial needs. Planning identified that by 2025, a recycled capacity of 33 million gallons per day will be required to meet demands. A Master Plan was prepared to ensure the plant will meet those demands, and an additional expansion will also be completed to increase capacity another 10 million gallons per day. For additional information about water at the IRWD and MWRP, see their websites:

Looking forward: Please stay tuned for a new Water Reuse Design Guide, planned to be completed in early 2017. We will post it on the AIAOC site when available.