October 8, 2017

Members, AIAOC needs your help!

The AIAOC Bylaws were created in 1952 when the chapter first received its charter.  While there have been minor adjustments through the years, the Bylaws are antiquated and do not address today’s technology, professional interests, nor consistent with the Institute’s Bylaws – a requirement for an AIA charter.

The Secretary Advisory Committee took on the task this year to thoroughly review and modify the Bylaws to be relevant to today’s governance.  This included reviews by National AIA and the AIAOC Board of Directors.

So what has changed?

  1. We made changes in regards to nomenclature in how AIAOC members utilize their membership.
  2. We made changes in regards to means and methods of communication and record keeping due to the advancement of technology.
  3. We made changes to be consistent with language used in the National AIA Bylaws.


Our intent is to have a clear and relevant set of rules to govern our chapter.  The current AIAOC Bylaws require 10% of the membership to approve changes (approx. 87 votes) at an in person meeting. This is a big undertaking and the following is the outline of how we will proceed to a vote of approval.

Next Steps:

  1. Click the attached link and review the proposed changes. To make this easier, we have highlighted in yellow the modified sections and included a definition of why there is a change to current language.  Items in red were the Board of Directors approved changes to align with the National AIA Bylaws.
  2. We will utilize time at the October General Meeting on 10/26 to review questions and concerns regarding the proposed changes.
  3. Send an email to jgill@aiaoc.org to address any of your questions/concerns about these changes prior and after the 10/26 meeting. The goal here is to get this approved, so we want to address your thoughts anytime.
  4. If necessary, we will schedule more in person meetings in November to review the changes.
  5. The AIAOC Holiday Party is 11/30. We need you there to approve the proposed Bylaws changes!  The intent is to bring a motion to the floor and approve – not a lengthy discussion as that will have been done prior to the party.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.   This is a necessary process to govern our chapter with relevance and consideration to the value of AIAOC  membership.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to receive member feedback and support!


Deb Sands, AIA

AIA Orange County Secretary – 2017/2018