AIAOC Board of Directors

AIA Board members serve 2-year terms.  Many serve multiple 2-year terms.  The President serves 1 year as Vice President before moving into the President position.

“Non-Com”, the chapter’s nomination committee proposes people who they feel would be good directors.  They submit their recommendations to the Board for approval to be placed on the ballot.

Alternatively, candidates can be nominated from the floor at the September Chapter meeting.  Run-offs are done at the October Chapter meeting.  The directors serve calendar years.

If you are interested in joining the Board or helping on a committee, please contact Jeff Gill, our Executive Director to discuss what interests you and where you can help the Chapter.

Executive Committee

Tim Smallwood, AIA
Tim Smallwood, AIAPresident
Mark Kim, AIA
Mark Kim, AIA Treasurer
Steve Kendrick, AIA
Steve Kendrick, AIAVice President /2019 Pres-Elect
Debra Sands, AIA
Debra Sands, AIASecretary


Ozzie Tapia, AIA
Ozzie Tapia, AIADirector of Design Awards
Salma Abdelghani, Associate AIA
Salma Abdelghani, Associate AIADirector of Emerging Professionals
Diane Mclean, FAIA
Diane Mclean, FAIADirector of Sustainability/COTE
David Molinaro, AIA
David Molinaro, AIADirector of Social Media
Jan Michael Martin, AIA
Jan Michael Martin, AIADirector
Nathan Dea, Assoc. AIA
Nathan Dea, Assoc. AIADirector
Jonathon Ma, AIA
Jonathon Ma, AIADirector
Jeffrey Gill, FAIA
Jeffrey Gill, FAIAExecutive Director

Representatives to AIA California Council

Steve Kendrick, AIA
Steve Kendrick, AIA
Diane Mclean, FAIA
Diane Mclean, FAIA
Jan Michael Martin, AIA
Jan Michael Martin, AIA